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Our strenghts

  • Availability

    Our office is open daily from 9h to 17h.

  • Urgent matters

    For urgent matters you can contact us 24/7.

  • Know-how

    There is a fulltime handyman who will fix any technical problem you may encounter.

  • Safety

    All of our properties have an authorization from the city of Antwerp. 

  • Supervision

    House-rules are to be respected.


  • Much more than a college town

    Antwerp is Flanders' gateway to the world. This is clearly visible through the enormous diversity, self-awareness and creativity of its inhabitants. As a college town Antwerp would like to convey exactly those qualities to the students. It opts for a policy that allows all students to experience Antwerp at its best and at the same time enable the best to be brought out in the students. As a college town Antwerp is made for you: it's a city that "sticks" to you, one where you gain impressions and experiences that shape you as a student and person.

  • Unique and democratic student policy

    Many know Antwerp as a fashion city, seaport and city shopping spot ... but maybe not quite as a college town! Antwerp has in excess of 36,000 students, which means, however, that more young people study here than in Leuven. Only this is less noticeable: and that's good. The city has a different policy. It would be a missed opportunity to approach students only as temporary visitors. It's exactly because of this that in Antwerp students participate as full citizens: they are able to express their opinion through the Antwerp student council and have a Student House providing them with advice and info on the city and its policies.

  • Link to Antwerp's economy

    Antwerp offers many international contacts. The presence of numerous companies and creative enterprises is an asset. In the port alone there are already 1,400 companies. Antwerp is often the gateway to the job market. During their studies young people are frequently put in touch with business life.

  • Endless and inexpensive leisure activities

    In Antwerp lots of effort is made toward providing good quality student accommodation, a liveable student area (also for the inhabitants!) and decent and affordable bikes ... Nowhere else in Flanders is such an extensive and inexpensive range of sports and cultural facilities available to students.

Source: Studying in Antwerp, supplement with the "Antwerp Gazette".